7th, July 2015

Recently, scientists from around the world had gathered in the USA to discuss about the future source of energy, including the progress of latest developments in research that can liberate most nations from fossil fuel dependence.

But the irony is that, while the biological systems in nature are already exploiting solar energy, the eternal and ingenious member of the universe — human beings — are still at experimental stage.

We all know that nature by itself has already perfected, via photosynthesis process where water is split into its constituents, oxygen and hydrogen. Scientists have predicted that within 10 years, artificial photosynthesis will be used for energy production and water savings.

The spin-off from understanding plant processes for energy production and mega water savings will have a significant impact not only on local, regional and global water cycles, but also in making potable water available for human consumption. This would be a major breakthrough for nations that are struggling to feed their growing populations and are chronically afflicted by droughts and diminishing ground water, artesian and well water levels.

Consciousness, like energy, is also eternal and empirical to ‘life’ when ensconced in the form of the human being. However, people are yet to grasp the intricate relationship between thought, feeling, and the precise, predictable responses from the natural physical world. As much as our level of awareness is raised beyond grasping greed, in observing beauty and participating in pure relationships via the human body, so too, will we awaken to the most subtle and pre-existent levels of energy or vibrations
in nature.
One must never forget that divine beauty and innate beauty are inherent in both consciousness and matter. Hence, the key to express and enhance the beauty in the form of power and energy, is pure relationship between man and nature. Until we relinquish desire and greed, we will never understand this relationship nor be participants in the dance of the cosmos.

So, let us deeply realise that greed is violence, and get over this vice to liberate ourselves to being subservient to matter. __ source-Himalayantimes;


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