4.4 Richter scale tremor early morning

17th, May 2015

Kathmandu An aftershock measuring 4.4 in Richter scale was recorded early on Sunday morning. The tremor occurred at 5 am with its epicentre in Dolakha district. Compared to the last day, the frequency of the aftershocks has lessened.

Five aftershocks were recorded on Saturday morning. With today's count, the aftershocks measuring over four Richter scale have reached 239 since April 25's destructive quake, said the National Seismological Centre.

The seismologists have repeatedly urged the public not to panic over the small tremor s as these were normal after the big ones. With gradual decline of the tremor s, life in the Kathmandu Valley is gradually coming back to normal- vehicular movement has upped and the shops and kiosks opened. RSS :


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