Women at Nawalpur join cooperatives

Chautara 9th, Jan 2014

Women from every household at Nawalpur VDC in Sindhupalchowk district have come under the ambit of cooperatives. Of the 712 households in the VDC, 733 women signed up for the membership of the Nauli Mahadev Women's Development Cooperatives in the locality.

It was made public amid a programme held yesterday by the Cooperatives. The cooperatives that came into operation since 2012 with 102 members have transactions worth Rs 3.2 million, according to Sanukanchi Rana, the Chairperson of the cooperatives.

The cooperatives, run by local women, aim to facilitate women's economic empowerment and further become vehicles for delivering and improving health, education and other services in the region by providing grants. RSS :


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