Minimum wage to go up In April

7th, Jan 2014 

The first stage of implementing the new law will increase the minimum wage by 300 NIS.

The minimum wage rise will go ahead despite the elections.  Attorney  General Yehuda Weinstein has approved the legislation on Tuesday to introduce a three-phase minimum wage increase.

The move meant to anchor a three phase minimum wage hike between 2015 and 2017, as proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is also the acting Finance Minister.

The minimum wage in Israel currently stands at 4,300 shekels. The first phase of the plan, scheduled to take effect in April, will see the minimum wage rise to NIS 4,650. The second phase, set for July 2016, will see it rise to 4,825 NIS.  The third and final phase is expacted to take effect in January 2017 and will see it rise to 5,000 NIS.

New Histadrut Labor Federation Chairman Avi Nissenkorn welcomed the decision: “The legislative process is underway to raise the minimum wage. The salaries of 700,000 women and men will rise on April 1st.   This is great news as we fight to reduce the gaps in Israeli society."

Two weeks ago, the Attorney General opposed the final raise of the minimum wage, as agreed between representatives of the government and the Histadrut Labor Federation. "I do not see that it is possible to conduct discussions at this time in the midst of an election period," Weinstein said at that time. source : Jerusalem

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